Erin Taylor

Design Director

From a University Intern, to Designer to Design Director, Erin’s tenacity and passion for all things creative have seen her reach new heights within the studio. As our branding and digital design master, she is always eager to get her hands on and brain ticking away on a new project. With a love for fashion, horror movies and giving the guys a run for their money in her mixed netball competitions, Erin is consistently one step ahead of the game and lives for a good design challenge.

A total goof at heart, you’ll never not find her getting caught out for being a weirdo around the office. Whether she’s got her jumper on her head, or sitting with limbs twisted on her chair, Erin loves a good laugh; especially when it’s at herself.

Never opposed to a cold beer or a camping weekend away, Erin’s ultimate guilty pleasure lies with a scoop or two of ice cream; so adventures to the local Messina to try the newest and greatest is always on the agenda.