Case Study
Showcasing Experian’s digital technology
Our relationship with Experian began in 2009. Since then, we’ve completed over 300 projects for a range of business lines, including Marketing Services, CheetahMail, Hitwise and Decision Analytics.


Tone of Voice
Sitemaps & Wireframes
Event Design
Print Design
Integrated Campaigns
Internal Comms
Website & App Design
UI Design
Website Development

CMO Reports
We've worked with Experian to design the 2015 and 2016 CMO Reports. The infographic design aesthetic highlights the value of data-driven insights to Australian CMOs.
Customer Journey
Used in strategic sales presentations, this storyboard illustrates the journey taken by a banking customer in the process of applying for a home loan and credit card.
APAC Sales Conference 2015
We developed the overarching branding and all accompanying collateral – including signage, agendas, slide decks, delegate lanyards and certificates – for Experian's annual Asia Pacific Sales Conference.
We collaborated with Experian to produce an interactive demographic profiler for Metcash. This tool brings Experian data to life, allowing IGA retailers to search for their store and identify competitors, utilities and opportunities within their catchment.
Kate Jackson
Communications Marketing Manager
“Canvas Group know our corporate themes and product suites in intimate detail, meaning they are able to adhere to our brand guidelines and tone, but also nail any ‘out of the box’ requests we throw their way.”

Project information

Providing data-driven targeted consumer insights, delivering a deep understanding of the evolving cross-channel marketplace, and leading the world in credit reporting, Experian offers services to assist organisations to do better business.

Experian projects have covered a broad range of applications and channels, including print, digital, branding, signage, B2B, B2C, and internal communications. We’ve designed, written and developed email marketing campaigns, provided creative for trade show stands, conference theming and related collateral.