Wayfinding made simple
PAM is the comprehensive, cloud-based, realtime wayfinding solution. Working closely with a tight-knit team, we developed branding, marketing materials and a dynamic responsive website for this digital innovator.


Brand Strategy
Sitemaps & Wireframes
Print Design
Website Design
Responsive Website
Wordpress CMS

Stephen Minning
“I want to thank you all for the work you have collectively put into this project... PAM has an exceptional future ahead and I am proud to be working with the best people I could hope for.”

Project information

A collaborative online solution for designers, architects, brand and operations managers, PAM offers unprecedented sign management to the world’s airports, university campuses and urban environments. Using a stylised arrowhead, we developed a logotype that references navigation in both physical and digital spaces. The brand visual language features arrows, architectural plans and striking aerial photography, indicating the ubiquity and necessity of wayfinding. Instructional videos developed by Hank Mango enhance the brand and tell the story.

Built with flexibility in mind, the PAM marketing site uses a modular WordPress CMS, allowing PAM to tailor their content to target specific consumer segments. It integrates video and animation, supported by concise messaging, to clearly articulate PAM’s competitive offer.